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Thai Massage, Brisbane

It has long been the Tradition in Thailand to practice and master the ancient, natural healing art of Thai massage.

What is Traditional Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage is an age-old practice with a thousand year tradition in Thailand, originally developed in Thai temples and enjoyed by Thai royalty.

With its roots based in the teaching of Buddhism, Thai massage has drawn from both the Indian Ayurveda and Chinese accupuncturural practices.

Traditional Thai massage is based on a network of pressure points throughout the body and in particular along ten key energy lines of the body.

These energy lines power all physical, mental and emotional processes and are the key to a healtier and more balanced life.

If there is an energy imbalance, the body’s harmony is disrupted, this can lead to pain and inflamation that if left untreated can lead to disease.

Massaging along these key energy lines can break energy blockage, stimulate the circulation and restore general well-being. In this form of massage, the recipient is fully-clothed, in a loose-fitting top and pants. Massage oil is not used. The massage is done on a mat and the massage therapist employs a variety of yoga stretches to improve range of motion and deep-pressure massage to stimulate circulation.

We recommend you have a 90 minute or two hour massage session to fully gain the benefits of this therapy.


In recent times the Royal Thai massage has become increasingly popular. It combines both Traditional Thai massage along with the benefits of a relaxing oil massage.

The Royal Thai oil massage which was only performed for Thai Royality has made its way into our Modern lives.

At Sensiika we combine the best of Royal Thai massage for the complete Thai massage experience.

It will help to stimulate the body, improving circluation and energy flow, will relieve stress and lead to a state of relaxation.